The VIII. edition of the Baile Tusnad Cup – sleddog sprint competition will be organized based on the race categories defined by the international organizations:

- O – 9 dogs
- A1 – 8 dogs (siberian husky),
- B1 – 6 dogs (siberian husky),
- C1 – 4 dogs (siberian husky),
- C2 – 4 dogs (malamutes, samoyeds and greenland dog),
- D1 – 2 dogs (siberian husky) și D2 (malamutes, samoyeds and greenland dog).

Before the official start of the competitions the mushers and the dogs will gather in the stake-out from where they will go to the Start in a pre-defined order. More info about the location here.

The Baile Tusnad Cup is a sprint competition in which the race distance is established based on the number of dogs: 10, 7,4 and 5.8 km. These distances are not considered „long” in this sport, but the choosen terrain is technical and will be a challenge the mushers and the dogs too.

We want to have a clean and nice event and competition and therefore we kindly ask YOU to respect the following rules:

-don’t enter on the marked trails between the stake-out and the Start or on the longer trails on the fields / in the forrest;
-play with the dogs only with the prior agreement of the musher;
-don’t feed the dogs;
-leave your dog at home or if you come with your dog please be sure that he/she is on the leash;
-and feel good!

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